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    Sheer Horizontal Shades

    Sheer Blinds are very comparable to Sheer Solarets Shades. The innovative fusion of light filtering fabric with the functionality of blinds resulting in one of the most elegant light effects available in the window coverings industry. Sheer Blinds are constructed of horizontal fabric vanes suspended between two vertical layers of soft, knitted fabric sheers which adjust to open and close the horizontal vanes. No other window covering matches the range of light presented by Sheer Blinds. Diffused, elegant light streams in through the transparent sheer panels when the vanes are fully open. Tilting the vanes to the closed position achieves room darkening and privacy.

    View through

    Sheer Blinds are offered in 2” and 3” vane sizes-the impressive 3” vane size creates a seamless “wide-screen” presentation maximizing the view through your windows

    Child Safety

    The Motorized Operating System utilizes Enhanced Safety cordless design to offer a safer option where children and pets are a primary concern


    • Light filtering and room-darkening opacities create unlimited custom solutions for any natural light condition
    • Sheer Blinds offer optimum light and privacy control
    • Available in Motorization
    • All Sheer Shades feature an easy bottom rail skew adjustment with removable weights

    Care & cleaning

    • Sheer Blinds are designed for minimal care and are dust, soil, and stain resistant
    • Regular dusting and gently vacuuming with the brush attachment will keep your shades looking like new
    • Sheer Blinds can be cleaned ultrasonically by a professional or spot cleaned with water